Weekly Photo Challenge: STREET LIFE

If it’s Friday, it must be France …

La Vieille Ville-Nice


Yay! It’s another Daily Post weekly photo challenge. This is actually last week’s theme, but I couldn’t resist it for today’s post. Some weeks there just isn’t enough time to dive into my photo albums but, when there is, you know how I love to share my photos of France.  Come on along and check out some typical “Street Life” in a few of my favourite spots on the Côte d’Azur.

Part of the fun is checking out other photo blogs! 











Take some time to wander your neighbourhood streets to see what’s going on!

Bon weekend tout le monde!


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  1. Exceptional photos. They made me feel deeply nostalgic, glad I could see this years ago, and sad that I will not be able to see it again. But is the Deux Chevaux still alive? Thanks!

  2. What great street scenes!

  3. Great pictures. Le Parking is tight there! Funny to see the cops on Segways too.

  4. Great shots. Making me homesick for France!

    • You have a fine collection to bring back lots of memories from your years there. Those first ones you posted of your new environs were wonderful. I will be curious to hear how you compare living back in the UK with your village life in France. I’m sure your family is pleased to have you home.

  5. Great pictures, Patricia! I love the Easter and summer festivals with street Brass bands playing: so much fun!

  6. These are such fun – great shots! I love your “parking” shot – oddly I have seen it and experienced it! 🙂 Cars come today equipped with features like “city drive/park” for aid in those extra tight spots!

  7. You have an excellent eye, Patricia. I love all these pictures, and your colors are beautiful, but I would not want to personally experience “Le Parking”. That’s insane!

    • Patricia Sands says

      It is crazy! Somehow I can picture you taking that Deux Chevaux for a spin though … tempting, isn’t it? Whenever I see one like that (and that is how most look these days), I want to know the story behind it. My sister-in-law, who lives in a small village in the south of Spain, had one many years ago in which we had some fine times. There’s just something about bumping around in those tin cans on wheels that creates “lame adventures”.

  8. Love these pics Patricia, thanks for sharing them 🙂

  9. That street scene reminds me of many I walked down in Taiwan but not nearly as clean. Also puts me in the mind of a street I lived on in Germany. Very clean there. That’s a place I could go back to.

  10. My streets are lined with very old oaks, vast yards, kids gear, and not as alluring as the photos from above. Although, I do make a point on my daily walks to look for something new, something I didn’t see the day before. I strive to take at least one picture a day to use a journal prompt.

    • I love the idea of a photo journal – choosing just one shot a day is a challenge that I take on with relish. Join the photo challenges, Brenda. It sounds like you might enjoy them.

  11. Hi Patricia – thanks for the pingback. I just received the notification even though this challenge happened a while back…no matter 🙂

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