Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

IMG_4110What photo challenge sites do you follow? There are many choices and several I follow but WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE is a fine place to begin. Along with the challenge it also offers excellent photography tips from technical and creative perspectives. Got a good idea for a challenge? Submit it here!

This is a quick shot from our balcony last week. You never know when a photo op will stop you dead in your tracks!

Do you love to take photos? If you have a challenge site to share, please leave a link in the comments. Whether you simply point and shoot or study and practice the art of photography, it’s the pleasure you get that counts.

Here are two other favourite photo challenges sites. Join in!

CBBH PHOTO CHALLENGE – at Marianne’s fabulous East of Malaga blog

WHERE’S MY BACKPACK – Weekly Travel Themes

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  1. What a gorgeous view you have from your balcony, Patricia.

    I’d like to mention a brand new BLACK AND WHITE photo challenge organised by Sonel. You can find it here:


  2. Great picture Patricia! I like all of those photo challenges too…

    • Patricia Sands says

      Thanks, Meg. I do believe one of those photo challenges is how I first connected with your fabulous blog!

  3. What a beautiful rainbow! My favorite also is the weekly photo challenge and the weekly travel theme. Would love to find more that would interest me – and I see from above (Marianne) one for black and white I will look into. Challenges and themes are great for inspiration and ideas and are always fun!

    • Patricia Sands says

      You are so right about the challenges being inspiring and fun! It’s always a pleasure to see what other photographers are shooting. Always something new to learn!

  4. Beautiful! I’ve never participated in a photo challenge per say, but I’ve definitely been inspired by sights and images. That rainbow is too gorgeous, and I always enjoy your writing!

    • Thanks, August! The rainbow was enormous and spanned the entire city. It really was quite remarkable. I was too late to rush back down and get a full shot, unfortunately. Happy anniversary to you!

  5. That is quite a rainbow Patricia, but you have quite an eye! I have mastered the art of missing the shot i.e., capturing the split second before or the split second after.

    Thank you for the generous review you gave my book on Amazon. That was great. You really know how to give good review. I still sign my name with a thumb print.

    • I hear you! I’ve missed some great shots too and I have to admit with a modicum of embarrassment that I’m using my cell phone camera at times now … with surprisingly good results! Who knew? I don’t write many reviews and when I do they aren’t very long so I’m glad you were pleased with it. You didn’t ask me to, but I couldn’t resist because your book, like your blog, is so smart and entertaining! Write on, my friend!

  6. That rainbow photo is awesome!

  7. Nice shot! And thank you for the heads up on the bw challenge.

  8. This is a perfect picture for the challenge. There is no doubt as to the subject of the photo. Very beautiful!

  9. Beautiful!

  10. Amazing rainbow!

  11. Fantastic capture of a beautiful rainbow! I enjoy doing the photo challenges because they inspire me and make me look at things in a way that maybe I wouldn’t have before! 🙂

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