Why do you give such high ratings to all the books you review?” 

cocaineIt’s a fair question, and not the first time I’ve been asked. The answer is simple. I don’t review books I know I won’t like. That doesn’t mean I only accept them from a particular genre, but rather that I triage the ones I read. If I can tell right away that I won’t like it, I don’t accept it for a review. If I get a few chapters into it and realize my review will be under three stars, I tell the author. (Not one has ever asked that I go ahead with the review.)

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As authors (painters, musicians, sculptors, actors, filmmakers, and all artists), we all know we can’t please everyone with our work and there will always be those who wish to voice displeasure. Hopefully those voices provide constructive criticism from which we can learn and improve our craft. In fact, seeing some negative reviews offers credibility to some readers.

As a book reviewer/blogger, Barb’s review approach provides candid feedback to an author even if she chooses not to publish a negative review. From an author’s perspective, I think that’s an excellent way to work because you know you are receiving her straightforward assessment. What’s your opinion?

While I’m on the subject, let me just add here that the job of reviewing books is an onerous undertaking. The efforts of all reviewers are appreciated. It’s an important part of the world of writing. Speaking of which … back to my WIP …