Raising funds for Australian Red Cross

I know we are all feeling helpless as this tragedy in Australia unfolds.

Please join many from around the globe who are participating in this online auction. Bids begin on January 10th and close on 12th. Begun by the Instagram account of @ruthribeaucourt, details are below and also on her Facebook page.

Please email ruthribeaucourt@gmail.com to let her know if you have something to donate … your services are as valuable as a product.

You can help!

I am donating signed novels and paying the postage, as are other authors. Some editors are donating their services. Painters, knitters, photographers … from one end of the creative spectrum to the other … or it can simply be a treasure from your own home … donations are flowing in!

All details have been carefully planned. Funds go straight to the Australian Red Cross. Your prize goes directly to you.

Please plan to be there online to bid. Invite all your friends. Let’s see how much we can contribute in our own big or small way to somehow offer aid in this heartbreaking disaster. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST.


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  1. Thank you Patricia.

  2. Patricia Sands says

    OMG Catherine ~ it’s the least we can do. We’ve already donated to the Salvation Army and Wildlife Fund. This tragedy has the entire world weeping for all of you and your beautiful country. Please may the fires end soon … a daily prayer. <3

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