Happy Canadian Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving in Canada! I’m back from Spain and deep in my editing cave working to a deadline for I Promise You This (Book 3 in the Love in Provence series). The good news is that it is joyful work … particularly because it makes me feel like I’m back in the south of France. You know how I love taking you there with me!

I know I promised photos from my travels in Spain last month (and, of course, I took a bazillion) and I feel badly I haven’t gotten to that! I will. I will! And now … seemingly all of a sudden … it’s Thanksgiving weekend. My favourite time of the year.

I hope you won’t mind if I post the same message as last year. It’s the message I want to share at this time every year … every day, really …


Thanksgiving. No shopping for anything but dinner ingredients. No lists of gifts. Bags of food being filled for the Food Banks. Volunteers serving turkey dinners at homeless shelters. Quality time spent as families and friends gather to share memories, love and laughter. An attitude of gratitude prevails. I am so thankful for the life I have. I hope you feel the same about yours.

As we consider our individual blessings, let’s remember those who struggle with hunger, illness, poverty, war and a multitude of other challenges in our own backyards and around the globe. The refugee crisis is heartbreaking. Let’s try to make the sentiments of Thanksgiving a part of every single day.

What a good feeling to see the food donation bins overflowing today. If you can’t get out to help, here’s a way you can play a part without leaving home! Click right here.



I’ve written about these sites before, but they are always worth mentioning from time to time.  All you have to do is go to TheHungerSite.com  once a day and click on the button — sponsors give free food. You are not put on any list or bombarded with spam. There are other links to click where sponsors donate for appropriate benefits: Breast Cancer ~ remember it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Child Health; Literacy; Rainforest; Animal Rescue and a few others. All of this has been verified as legit by Snopes years ago. I pop in every day. Why not?


While we are at it, have you ever played FREERICE.COM? ~ This is a unique way to increase your vocabulary and donate rice to needy countries. Play it with your children as there are 60 levels. It’s a great place to learn new words for Words With Friends … ahem, my addiction when I need a few minutes off from writing. It’s such a fun way to keep connected with friends too.

One big personal thank you to the readers who take the time to contact me. I love hearing from you and appreciate every single message. Thanks for subscribing to my  newsletter and for sharing my books with your friends. You light up my life!

Canada has a federal election coming up on October 19th. Living in a countryUnknown-1 where we can freely express our political choices, and vote without fear of losing our lives, is truly another reason to feel thankful. Please exercise that privilege and GO OUT AND VOTE! IT’S FREE! IT MATTERS! LET’S ALL DO IT! FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR CANDIDATE AND THE ISSUES AND BE INFORMED! Click here for more information.

Oh, excuse me, I think that  might have seemed a bit loud. Sorry, but this is important for each and every Canadian. Take an active role in what happens in your country. Plan a party to watch the results on the 19th and, whatever the outcome, be proud you did your part. Let’s do it! We’re going to an advanced voting station this weekend. How about you?





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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Patricia!! I´m glad you had a nice time in Spain. I will be in France for the first time ever next Saturday. It will be a one day stop in Marseilles, but it´s a start! I will be thinking of your books.

  2. Patricia Sands says

    Thanks, Darlene. I’m guessing you will be on a cruise … enjoy! A lot has changed in Marseilles in the last few years. I’ve always found it a fascinating town with its own unique character and I’m betting you will too. Here’s an article that mentions some good restaurants for an authentic experience. If you like bouillabaisse , you are in the best town in France to order it. Bon voyage! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/france/10248113/What-to-do-in-a-short-stop-in-Marseille.html

    • Thanks for the link Patricia. Yes, we were on a cruise. We decided to take a tour of Aix-en-provence and loved it! We didn´t see much of Marseilles as a result but were happy with our choice. I will be back!

  3. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Patricia. We are still far from ours, here in the US. I share your thoughts about being grateful for the lives we have. Good luck with the deadlines and happy virtual travels to the south of France as you revise.

    • Patricia Sands says

      Merci, Evelyne ~ Although we celebrate the same thoughts of thanks and blessings at our respective Thanksgivings in Canada and the U.S.A., the seasonal differences are quite extreme. I always feel that here we also are celebrating the colourful change of season and everything that accompanies it. Photo ops abound!

  4. Liane Partridge says

    Hi Patricia…I wish you a glorious Thanksgiving! I sometimes forget what a blessed life I have in Vancouver as I look out my window to the ocean and the green and today the rain. Thank you for giving me that reminder. I’m going to go to those websites today.
    I appreciate your generosity and kindness. It really is time to give back.
    Gobble, gobble!

    • Patricia Sands says

      Many thanks, Liane. Vancouver has its own special beauty, even when it is raining! You are fortunate to live in the one of the most spectacular settings in our country. Thanks for stopping by the websites and paying it forward. Bon weekend!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! I want to walk down that leaf-stewn road and listen to bird song and squirrel chatter. Who’s with me?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Patricia! Looking forward to the pictures from Spain.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

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