Getting back on track …

Full disclosure: I have to admit taking a week to breathe, away from writing and social media, was truly a gift. I’m so glad I gave it to myself.

Having finally written the ending to my next novel … even though we all know novels are never really *finished* … it was time to re-focus on all those other parts of my life that I felt had been just a tad neglected recently.

I spent a lot of time having leisurely chats and lunches with friends and family, golfing, hosting a dinner party, catching up on blogs, watching fabulous tennis from the ATP tour (the French Open, from Paris, is on right now, OF COURSE, I’m watching!!!) taking in the spring concert and amazing art exhibit at the school our 11 and 13-year-old granddaughters attend, and spending the weekend with The Adorables (our two youngest grandchildren, ages 3 and 4) while their parents had a wee break. My “Huh … ???” moment on the weekend was when Kate, only recently turned 3, asked, “Nana, am I your BFF?”  I didn’t think Dora The Explorer talked about stuff like that!

I also went to see “Cavalia’s ODYSSEO” with my DH, one of our wonderful daughters and her equally wonderful husband and our granddaughters mentioned above. It was spectacular! Cirque Du Soleil with horses and remarkable special effects! Take a look at the video in this link. If the show comes to your area, be sure to catch it.

AND I READ! Talk about joy and bliss! Books, magazines, newspapers, words written by other people. It was wonderful to read without feeling pressed to get back to my writing. In the past six months, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on anything but my own words … self-absorbed would be an apt description. *hanging head at the memory*

Writers do what they do for the love of it, there is no simpler explanation. Unfortunately, along with meeting our writing goals come challenges, research, deadlines and before long the task takes over our life. The additional demands of social media … well, let’s not even get into that here … Kate MacNicol recently shared a fabulous post about that issue.

It’s often difficult to find the balance between your writing/professional/day-job life, whatever it is you do,  and everything else. The good news is that most of us recognize this and do take steps to make amends at some point. If you feel your life has been unbalanced lately, take a tip from me and give yourself the same gift I did. Take a week to breathe … you’ll be glad you did.

Before I dive back into editing, revising, getting published and also working on a new exciting project with fellow author Susan Sommers (more on that coming soon…), I also have a couple of overdue *thank you* words to mention.

Thank you to Indie Reader Discovery Awards 2012 for making The Bridge Club a Finalist in the General Fiction category and to the National Indie Excellence Awards for 2012 where The Bridge Club was a Finalist in the Women’s Issues category.

Several weeks ago, writer/blogger Emmie Mears very kindly bestowed upon me The Beautiful Blogger award and I kept putting off acknowledging this honour because I was waiting until I had enough time to fill out the requirements. I’m supposed to tell you seven things you don’t already know about me … and I will … just not now. I do want to thank Emmie and encourage you to read her always thought-provoking, informative and entertaining blog. She is young, talented, hard-working, and full of hopes and dreams which I know she is going to make come true. I have a lot of time for Emmie.

I’m also sending a belated thank you to writer/blogger Lesann Berry  who awarded me the Smart Cookie Biscuit designation. I’m not sure how she knew but I suspect this award has something to do with the number of cookies I’d been eating while I was writing! So thanks, Lesann, and I want you to know I have now cut sugar out of my diet. Honest! Don’t miss her posts. Check out this poster from her blog. This will tell you precisely the type of person she is. Awesome.

The list I could give you of amazing bloggers simply boggles my mind and I’m determined to make more of an effort to share those names each week. Watch for them and feel free to share your own links. Many of them are on my Blog Roll in the left column here, just a click away!

Do you ever give yourself the gift of a break from your job, routines, and demands? What works for you? You know we all want to hear about it and you might just encourage someone else to do the same.

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  1. You sound so organized! I’m still treading water like mad, and reading your blog has got me thinking I need to breathe too. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. good for you for taking time off. I need to do that … and soon.

  3. I think it’s so important to take a break after you type The End — when you go back you’ll “see” things you might not have otherwise noticed, things to tweak, things to delete, it’s like a fresh pair of eyes. It sounds like you’ve done some pretty fun things during your break to refill the creativity well and they are also events that so obviously make you happy. Good for you! Looking forward to your next book. Thanks for the blog love too. It means a lot.

  4. Holy cow, Patricia! You packed in a ton of fun in the past week! Good for you–you surely needed it. After I wrote The End, I stayed away from the MS for a few days, went to dinner with friends and will be seeing my grandgirls in a couple of days. But I didn’t take the time completely off. I’m going to wait until I have the book published. Then I’ll take a week before starting on the sequel.
    Congrats on the well-deserved blog awards and placing as a finalist in those competitions. Okay, now get back to work! 🙂

  5. lesa7515 says

    So glad you found the time and strength to enjoy a week away with your favorite activities and people! That’s a great idea – sort of like taking a vacation at home. Thanks for the awesome shoutout too!

    Cookies and writing go side-by-side…good luck with the no sugar…

  6. Good for you giving yourself that break! Are you her BFF? That is way too cute. I didn’t know there is a Cirque du Soleil with horses! I love Cirque (one just came to town and my daughter knows some of the performers, if she’d been here we could’ve gone backstage. darn, just missed that chance!)

    I hope you still take some time to savor all life has to offer. It’s so hard when we’re in the thick of a book to turn off the characters in our mind, but oh, so important.

    Congrats on the awards!!

    • Thanks, Tameri! Wow, cool that your daughter knows some Cirque performers. I’m sure they would have incredibly interesting (to say the least!) stories to share. As you well know, now that the creative writing part is over there will be more time for the rest of life … until I begin the next novel …

  7. There’s nothing like a family event to throw you into a well needed break from everything – I’ve just had 6 days in Northern Ireland, only reading on the plane, instead of writing, I have been soaking up the beautiful environment, reaquainting with family members, meeting new ones – AND discovering that this part of the family has a direct lineage back to France, so I discover I have in fact come full circle 🙂 so find myself a little obsessed on my return to follow this trail and slightly astounded that I have become what my ancestors already were – French!

  8. Sounds BLISSFUL!!

  9. I took a long weekend last month. No blogging, no writing, nothing. I was very refreshed when I returned. Sounds like you really enjoyed the time away. 🙂

  10. Followed you from She Writes. Good post. We all need reminders to focus on life sometimes, especially when we’ve been lost in alternate realities of books we’re working on!

    • Hello Andrea and thanks for stopping by! Those “alternate realities” you so aptly mention can certainly take over! Now I’m so caught up in getting caught up I forgot my Friday post! Yikes … better get to it!

  11. Goodness, you certainly didn’t look that gift-break in the mouth! I’m so glad you had such a fruitful and lovely time away from social media. And look forward to reading that next book!

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