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If it’s Friday, it must be France …

As you know, photography and France are two of my favourite blogging topics and occasionally I have the opportunity to combine them. Like today!

Distance” is the theme on Ailsa’s Where’s My Backpack  and this photo is one I took on an early May morning when my husband and I were on our way to the Nice airport to pick up visitors. The air was cool and crisp, offering us perfect visibility past the iconic Marina Baie Des Anges condos, over the city of Nice, across the lower hills of l’arriére pays and up to the summits of the Alpes-Maritimes that run into Italy.

Biot/Route de mer-PSandsPhotos

Biot/Route de mer-PSandsPhotos

Next is a morning sunrise shot with the overnight ferry from Corsica in the distance covering the last few kilometres to Nice .  I would pause to to take in this scene most mornings as I worked on my first draft of The Promise of Provence. Before I began writing I seldom saw a sunrise!

Antibes sunrise-PSandsPhotos

Antibes sunrise-PSandsPhotos

And then this classic shot taken from the castle ruins at the top of the Jardin Exotique in the perched village of Eze, which shows the beauty of the distance one sees along the Côte d’Azur. This same shot can probably be found in millions of photo albums around the world, taken by every tourist who has visited there. I smiled when I saw it on my friend, Susie Lindau’s blog after her recent trip overseas. (If you haven’t stopped by to wish Susie well with her recent surgery, now is the time!)  I know I’ve shown this photo to you before so thanks for indulging me one more time!

From Eze-PSandsPhotos

From Eze-PSandsPhotos

Part of the fun of these photo challenges, is visiting other blogs to see what has been posted. Here are couple of my favourites this week:

You never know from where in the world the photos will be. It’s always a trip and so much fun!

And that, dear friends, is my segue to letting you know … speaking of trips … that The Promise of Provence is featured on the Travel Novels website this week. Click right here to stop by and have a look, leave a word, or share. Merci beaucoup!

If you have some favourite photos that would fit in with the “distance” theme, why not post them and join the challenge. The more the merrier!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Patricia! I love the virtual trip back to my favorite place.
    I will check out the other links!

  2. fransiweinstein says

    Beautiful photos. Love the sunrise.

  3. Wonderful photos and lovely words! I think I also have a few shots of the Jardins from Eze! A really beautiful spot!

    • LOL. I would be amazed if you didn’t have shots from Eze. I am wondering how many I will take again this year. We can never resist popping up for a cool drink on the Chateau D’Or patio! My husband will relax there while I climb up through the garden.

  4. You take such gorgeous pictures! I don’t seem to be able to capture the essence of a place as you do but, I do love to take pictures. I love that I can feel almost as if I’ve been to France through your photos.

  5. We’ve just come back from our tour of France. Started at Calais, headed east, south and back northwest through the Loire valley. We got as far south east as The Carmargue. I’ll be blogging about this trip in the next few weeks.

    Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. Gorgeous scenic views Patricia! I’ve been so glued to US Open Tennis I have barely stepped outside all weekend. Thanks for making me feel like I’ve gone someplace other than Flushing Meadows, Queens.

  7. Fantastic photography. You always take some terrific pictures that tell a story.

  8. I love the rich, lush sceneries you’ve managed to capture. I couldn’t even pick a favorite!!!!

  9. I never tire of seeing that picture of view from Eze, I look at my shot of it time and again on my laptop and wish was there! Love the sunrise picture.

    • That’s the beauty of digital photography, isn’t it? You can just lose yourself in your computer screen with the flick of a finger. I feel the same way and even though we’ve been to Eze more times than I can recall, I know we will go again in the coming weeks. And I’ll be snapping that shot again. I just know it!

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