Travel Photo Theme: Multiples

Who doesn’t love digital photography? I’ve been having a lot of fun with photo challenges lately, either by going out and taking new photos or scrolling through my ridiculously enormous fairly large photo library.

It’s also a relaxing break from my obsessive addiction writing.

This week several websites I visit regularly led me, from one to another, with the same topic as the theme … which, in itself was rather appropriate.

(A simple click on any photo will enlarge it for you.)


Candied Pears~Nice Market-PSandsPhotos

Candied Pears~Nice Market-PSandsPhotos



Herbes de Provence-PSandsPhotos

Herbes de Provence-PSandsPhotos

Alhambra windows~Granada,Spain-PSandsPhotos

Alhambra windows~Granada,Spain-PSandsPhotos









Lovers' notes,Verona,Italy-PSandsPhotos

Lovers’ notes,Verona,Italy-PSandsPhotos

This last photo captures just a small portion of the entire wall of the walkway into the garden in Verona, Italy, where people imagine Juliet called out to Romeo from her balcony. The fact that Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers are fictional does not appear to matter.

I was kind of shocked when we first saw this display but after looking at the notes and considering the motive behind them, we reconsidered … but didn’t add our own.

It’s become a tradition for people to  express their love for each other, or to ask Juliet’s spirit to help in their quest for love, and they stick the notes on the walls. (I won’t tell you how most of these notes are attached to the wall but you can read this attached article to find out.) I guess, depending on your state of mind, this could be considered littering or perhaps la passione!

Which would you choose?

Movie tip – A couple of years ago, the film “Letters To Juliet” with Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried was based on these very notes.

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  1. What a neat idea for a photo collage, they are all fantastic.

  2. I like the idea of good things coming in multiples.

  3. Love the pics…especially the one of the masks. Stunning!!!

    • Thanks, Natalie. Each of those photos holds a special memory. I took the shot of those masks just before we sat down at a cosy, out of the way, trattoria overlooking a small canal. We polished off an amazing bottle of Amarone in a very short time … don’t believe I attempted to take any more photos for the rest of the evening .LOL! Happy New Year to you and Scott! So nice to see you here!

  4. love the masks and all those hats

  5. Ooh la la! C’est magnifique! I love the story behind all those notes. La passione! Indeed! I am thinking about integrating more art/photography into my blog so I have more time to work on my WIP. Trying to figure it all out. I’m not a good short blogger, but photos help me keep things tight.

  6. To ask Juliet’s spirit to help in a quest with love? Even if we disregard the fact that she’s a fictional character, she was 13 and she killed herself.
    Anyway, lovely photos, especially the one with the masks.

  7. Clever post! Enjoyed your photos. Thanks.

  8. Great photos 🙂

    Love the multiple challenges, too!

  9. gorgeous

  10. What a wonderful assortment of multiples from all over the world! I particularly like the masks from Venice. And I’m honored by your mention – thanks Patricia!

  11. Terrific photos. I love them all but particularly fond of the hats.

  12. Lovely photos Patricia. What fun! Love the pears… I’m going to have to buy some tomorrow lol. I know they won’t taste as good as these.

    • I love the pears too … to look at! I really don’t like to eat candied fruit but it all has such a beautiful depth of colour I always want to photograph it. I could do a full album just on candied fruit! Don’t worry, I won’t … but the photos are there …

  13. I am there with you in spirit and love the colours and vibrancy expressed in the pictures…

  14. Hurrah, so glad you joined in the travel challenge on – lovely shots, Patricia!

  15. Very Nice Collection !

  16. this is beautiful blog thank you for share it for us

  17. Crazy, what the artist’s eye will see. Beauty in a batch of walnuts. Awesome.

  18. I always love your photos, Patricia. And I enjoyed the movie, “Letters to Juliet”. It was sweet.

    Those pears… ah, they look so good!

  19. These multiples shots are WoNdErFuL!!!!!

  20. Hi, we were really impressed by your photographic work and would really like to feature them on our hobbies website. Cheers…..Graham…..

  21. Great photos. Interesting idea, to call them multiples. Thanks for giving me some new ideas!

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