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I love to visit with book clubs, either by attending a meetingIMG_0005 when we are all in the same part of the world, or visiting on Skype, Face Time, or via a speaker-telephone chat.

If your club is interested, just contact me through this page.

Let me know the date, time, time zone, and which book you have chosen. It won’t take us long to get organized!


  1. vickie atkins says:

    Would love to see the itinerary about the June trip.

    • Patricia Sands says:

      Hello Vickie ~ I did send you a message but am not certain you received it. Please let me know.

  2. vickie atkins says:

    Would love to see the itinerary about the June trip.

  3. Joan Lacy says:

    I wanted to give your Love in Provence series a positive review, but my limited computer skills have so far eluded my attempts to reach a review site, so I will tell you how much I have enjoyed the first two books I’ve read so far.

    They are wonderful travel guides, with so much interesting information and history. I started making lists of all the places, food, and cheeses you describe so beautifully. I’ve been to France, but I love seeing it through your eyes.

    If you can figure out a way, please feel free to post this review from me.

    • Patricia Sands says:

      Hi Joan ~Thanks for your lovely message. I will email you with info about leaving a review. I can’t leave one for my books ~ not allowed! I love hearing from readers and your message is leaving me smiling. Enjoy book #3!

  4. Cora Hannold says:


    Thank you for doing the event.

  5. Your Bridge Club sounds wonderful. Friendship. Friendship is wonderful.

    • Patricia Sands says:

      Thanks, Justina,it really is a fabulous group of regular, down-to-earth friends. We all feel fortunate to have shared the friendship for so long. Good luck with the draw.

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