My Good Life in France ~ Janine Marsh ~ pre-order

If it’s Friday, it must be France …

I’m SO excited to share this news with you! May 4th is the publishing date for this long-awaited memoir by Janine Marsh!

Even more good news is that the book is available for pre-order on Amazon right now! Click here to purchase your copy of My Good Life in France.

As we all know, Janine is the founder and editor of the fabulous The Good Life France website and ezine. For all of us who love to dream about France and read about and see photos of and plan trips to and … well, you know … there’s no better resource!

And now Janine tells the entertaining story of how her life in France all came to pass. I was fortunate to receive an advance copy and am happy to share my review here with you:


I’ve been eagerly awaiting the publication of Janine Marsh’s memoir, My Good Life  in France, and was honoured to receive an ARC for an honest review. It’s no surprise that this book is everything readers hope it will be. With her sharp insight after many years as an ex-pat in France and her engaging sense of humour, Marsh takes us on the bumpy road of highs and lows restoring a “truly awful” (her words) property in the north of France that captured her heart. 
Through the author’s eyes and experiences we discover the (relatively unknown to tourists) Seven Valleys area in the Pas-de-Calais, which is now on my “must visit” list. Easily drawn into Marsh’s entertaining narrative by her sharp observations and warm-hearted nature, we get to know her neighbours, the local traditions and her growing family of dogs, cats, and assorted feathered friends.
Thank goodness for an understanding husband who is also an enterprising craftsman. There are challenges that would deter most from staying the course. Yet not only do the Marshes survive, but a brilliant new career path is born.
This book is a delightful read that I highly recommend.
Click here to read an earlier post when Janine visited my blog.
If it’s cool and rainy in your part of the world, as it is in mine today, pour yourself a warm cuppa (a hot toddy sounds good to me!) and lose yourself in the pages of The Good Life France Spring Magazine. You’ll be glad you did!
Bon weekend!
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  1. Looking forward to reading this new book. 🙂

    • Patricia Sands says:

      You will enjoy it, Melissa! It’s one thing to write fictional accounts about life in France, but I always find it fascinating to read personal stories … and I’m filled with admiration!

  2. Sounds like quite an adventure, kind of like mine in Spain. I love this kind of book and wish Janine much success with it. Great review!

    • Patricia Sands says:

      Darlene, I know you will love to read Janine’s memoir … and perhaps be inspired to share yours with us!

  3. I am definitely getting the book. Exciting for Janice. Love the magazine.

    • Patricia Sands says:

      You’ll love it, Debra! It’s a great story with all sorts of interesting details about life in the part of France. Janine’s wit and kind nature make it all the more enjoyable. 🙂

  4. Thanks for telling us about Janine Marsh’s book. I’ll get it and pretend I am there now. Everything helps!

  5. The book sounds interesting after all the story takes place in France.

    • Patricia Sands says:

      Exactly! And no one knows France better than Janine Marsh! I hope you subscribe to The Good Life France. I love it!

  6. Rebecca Booth says:

    Through books like yours is the only way I can visit France, so I’m looking forward to reading your book!

    • Patricia Sands says:

      I’m so happy that we can take you on a trip through our books. It’s a great way to travel!

  7. Tara Brown says:

    Very nice! I love reading about places I’ve never been before because even when I am not able to be there physically, I still get to learn about the area and its people! I also subscribed to The Good Life France…I’m looking forward to learning about all the beauty France has to offer (and then some)! Thank you so much!!

    • Patricia Sands says:

      I like to do the same thing, Tara. We can travel all over the world in the pages of books. Bon voyage!

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