If it’s Friday, it must be France … allez-y!

Happy Friday! I’m working on a post for International Women’s Day tomorrow and deep in my writing cave with my next novel, so forgive me for simply reposting a favourite day in Nice. Take a stroll with me and enjoy!




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It’s an easy walk from the main train station in Nice (Gare SNCF Nice-Ville) to the Musee Chagall (also known as Le Musée National du Message Biblique Marc Chagall) with just a slight uphill section before you arrive. Honest, it’s not like Grasse where we had to climb 200 stairs to reach the old town … but that’s another story and we could have taken a shuttle so I’m not complaining.

The artist Marc Chagall lived in France for most of his life and in the south of France for the latter half. He died in Saint-Paul de Vence, just north of Nice, in 1985 at the age of 97. His grave is in the village cemetery which, as is the case with most cemeteries in France, offers its permanent guests the most pleasing views .

If you haven’t been to see this breathtaking Chagall collection, please put it on your list. You won’t be disappointed. The ambiance of the exhibition areas is calm with superb lighting and  opportunities to sit in order to appreciate the beauty of his work. The audioguide is excellent. A small outdoor cafe set amid olive trees and mounds of lavender serves superb coffee and light local fare.

Like everything else you may visit the museum online to whet your appetite.

And with that non-too-subtle segue, let me add a few words about lunch. As planned, we went to le vieux port (old port)

and were excited about finally going to a restaurant we have had on our list for years. Typical of us, we hadn’t checked first and it was … yup, you guessed it … closed on Wednesdays! It never fails. But I always say these things happen for a reason.

We walked down a block to sit right by the moorings in one of several old portside restaurants and had some of the best moules-frites ever. They were in a simple sauce of olive oil, LOTS of garlic and sauteed tomatoes. On the side, to dip in the sauce once the mussels were enjoyed to the very last one, were simple boiled shrimp to just peel and dip.


When I reposted this today, the photos and text did not line up as they should have. My apologies …
I hope you enjoyed this little break. Are you a fan of Chagall’s work or of moules/frites? In the tours I am leading to France in June, we will take good care of both of those interests! Are you coming with us? If not this year, then join us in September, 2015! Make your dream of visiting France come true!
And now back to the writing cave …
See you tomorrow for International Women’s Day!
Bon weekend!
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  1. Wow, Patricia, I wish I could go there right now. I’ve never had moules/frites, but I’ve had all those ingredients separately so yeah, that meal would work fine for me (except I’d have to eat around the tomato due to my bottomless pit of GI ills). I love Chagall! This post was such a lovely respite from the frozen snow (okay, much of it has melted) and the overall wicked weather plaguing the Northeast this winter. Warmer temperatures are coming soon though so yay for that. Sorry I have not been around your site much. It’s been a challenge keeping up with my day job, fitness regime and diet (that requires a lot of cooking), and my own writing. If only a day were 36 hours long …

  2. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Even your reposts are terrific. I could so picture myself digging into those mussels and shrimp with a cold beer. That’s the life. Good luck on the new novel.

  3. Oh my goodness, Patricia, is that a stained glass window? If so or even if it isn’t, it is too gorgeous for words. I’m not familiar with Chagall but am going to look at the link you gave us for an online tour. Thank you. I recall going to the Louvre when I was in Paris and had such a great time.
    Thank you.

  4. Nice little stroll. So nice, I forgot it was cold out. Merci, ami. Je suis fatigué maintenant. Been a real long week.

  5. Thiѕ is a topic thɑt’s ոear to my heart…
    Cheers! Ԝhere arе your contact details thouɡh?

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