A Gold Medal Winner!

It it’s Friday, it must be France …

During the next two weeks there will be many gold medals awarded at the Olympic Games in London, England.

As I was making my favourite dessert for a dinner party the other evening, I was watching  previews about the Games. It occurred to me that the crème brulée

Photo courtesy of FoodNetwork.com

I was preparing was more than worthy of a gold medal. I first tasted this dessert in France more years ago than I care to remember and if it’s on a menu I’m a goner. It took a while to find just the right recipe to prepare at home. Oo-la-la! I’m not the greatest dessert-maker but this recipe is foolproof.

Here’s the recipe I swear by from FoodNetwork.com. Bon appetit!

To what recipe would you award a gold medal? Were you watching the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics this afternoon, like I was? Here’s the link to the website for schedules and news about all the events. Are you inspired by the amazing athletes each time the Olympics come around? Although I appreciate their tremendous talent and don’t miss any of the competitions ( let’s hear it for Tivo!), even more so I love hearing the stories of their personal journeys. I’m not a big television watcher but I’ll be glued to the Games for the next two weeks. Will you? 

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  1. Mmm, LOVE creme brulee! Even though it, traditionally, isn’t chocolate, it’s my favorite dessert especially when dining out. My g/f and I sampled the creme brulee in several restaurants over the course of a few months until we found the one we rated ‘superior’. I’m going to try your recipe so I can make it for my guests, too! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the Olympics!

    • I’m all for sampling crème brûlée whenever possible, Marcia! I agree you have to make sure you absolutely have found the very best! I think you will love this recipe.

  2. Oooh. I love creme brulee but have never attempted to make it myself. I’m always looking at and picking up those little ramekins at Pier One and other kitchen shops but never buy them. Maybe it’s time I give it it try. Thanks for the great recipe. I’ll be watching the Olympics with you Patricia. It will be a fun and inspiring two weeks:)

  3. Love creme brulee. Delicious and I can’t wait to try your recipe. I would never imagined making it at home. YUMMY!!
    I love the Olympics. There’s something so inspiring and empowering about watching that level of athleticism…it’s incredible! It doesn’t matter the sport. I can get lost in anything. And I always cry when the athems are played, especially for Canadians.

  4. I’m a huge creme brulee fan and it’s one of the few desserts I’ve been able to keep in my life because it’s gluten free (WOOT!). My almond roca deserves a gold medal each year, if I do say so myself. 🙂

  5. Creme brulee is a favorite of my daughter and me. We try it everywhere we travel and so far, Paris has had our favorite. Go figure. Now I’m missing my daughter and that delicious creme brulee.

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