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I hope you find this door as inviting as I do. It's the entrance to a village house in the south of France that seems so welcoming ... which is how I want this site to be. Photography is a big part of my life and I'm happy to share my photos with you.

Almost as much as I love to write, I love to travel. Both usually involve planning, making choices, facing challenges and ultimately making dreams come true ... or sometimes we just take a huge leap of faith and go for it!

Publishing my first novel, The Bridge Club, was most definitely the realization of my biggest dream. The underlying theme of the story is the priceless value and importance of friendship and how it empowers us in so many ways. The giving is as important and satisfying as the receiving.

Thanks for your patience as this site develops. My goal is to supply visitors with helpful links, many related to the issues explored in The Bridge Club. You will also find links that have been of great assistance to me in my journey to become a published author.

I'm excited to let you know that my second novel, The Promise Of Provence, has recently been released! This story was a labour of love for me and the responses I am receiving from readers tells me they are loving it too. There have been many requests for a follow-up novel and I am as excited as you to see what happens to Katherine. The words are flowing!

Please be sure to let me know websites you value and I will add them to the list on this site for all of us to share. The best part of being an author is hearing from readers. Don't be shy!

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The Promise of Provence

by Patricia Sands

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